Ways to attract buyers with 3D Architectural Renderings

Living room of Vernon Blvd

After you finally jumped into the digital illustration train and have started impressing your customers with photorealistic architectural rendering examples its time to take the most of them and find more ways to catch your customers eye. There are a lot of things that can be done.

If you are outsourcing this services to an architecture rendering firm it will be a good idea to communicate this to them. We will list several important elements to take into consideration, many can be a bit obvious but you may have overlooked them.

1. Use realistic elements on interiors, such as fireplaces, lit candles or water sources.

2. Drop 3d models into your great architectural renderings as if someone lived there, elements such as half-full glasses, clothes, even pets are perfect to increase realism.

3. Don’t be afraid to create or incorporate a greenhouse on an empty space in the garden, or even a fish-tank. Every detail that is added will motivate your customers and will make them experience realism in your render.

4. Avoid 3 point lightning. If lightning seems artificial your render will quickly pass as a fake architectural illustration and your customers will not be impressed of your future project. It will be difficult to communicate the complete idea of how it will look like in reality.

5. Keep ambiences as empty as possible. If you place too many three dimensional models the rendering will take longer to complete and most of your customers attention will be lost on non important objects, plus they will forget to look at the property design you are presenting.

6. Use colors to your advantage. Keep colour theory in mind when you are choosing textures for your scene, remember that lightning also needs coloring as well as shadows.

7. Don’t doubt to make the same visualization on different times of the day. A special customer, like a bar entrepreneur, may want to see how its project appears during the night time.

8. Use your branding on the renderings. If there is a television make it broadcast your brand, if there are shirts use the company logo on them, personalize your digital selling material.

9. Don’t hesitate on using an architecture visualization inside another render, computer, television screens and even projectors are useful for this. You can setup a visual inside so that it reflects another interesting idea you have.

10. Blend your computer architectural rendering examples into one big tour. Adding a realistic architecture animation to your portfolio can really amaze your potential customers with your development.

11. Use ambience sounds for both: on 360 degrees virtual user controlled tours and on digital animated walkthroughs. They will make them interesting and will keep your customers attention for a longer time.