360° Product Spins

360° product-photography is among the most important promotional techniques because it allows shoppers to digitally preview the product as if they were holding it or walking around it and inspecting it. Some of the benefits of product spins are:

  1. Increased Engagement;
  2. Visually Stimulating;
  3. Increased Sales;
  4. Increase confidence in your brand;
  5. Reduced Return Costs.

Please scroll down for some of the examples which have been modeled in 3D and some have been photographed.


Multi-angle 3D spin of a Diamond Ring

Multi-angle 3D spin of Bank Of England Guest Seat designed by Gunlocke

 Multi-angle 3D Product spin of Ellen Armchair


Multi-angle 3D Product spin of  Modenese Gastone Sofa in Baroque style

3D Product spin of  John Lewis Hendricks Chair. Click here to buy

3D Product spin of AV RH Louis Pet Chair

3D Product spin LC7 Arm Chair designed in 1927 by Charlotte Perriand


3D Product spin of a Kangaroo Chair by Pierre Jeanneret for “The Chandigarh Project

3D Product spin of Armani Casa BALOON Armchair

Interactive 3D Product spin of 88 Secrets Bar Cabinet designed by Nika Zupanc 


Interactive 3D Product spin of 88 Sideboard Rosa Oro designed by Nika Zupanc 


3D Product spin of a Wardrobe


3D Product spin of a Zebrano Diamon Armchair


3D Product spin of Gingko Dining Chair



Product spin of Imperial Rock Crystal Egg

Product spin Faberge Imperial Peter the Great Easter Egg



3D Product spin of a ring

3D Product spin Burberry Handbag

3D Product spin of Armani Handbag

3D Product spin Cannon Lens


Interactive 3D Product spin of Galassia S02 Washbasin designed by Romano Andolini 


3D Product spin of a CAT Robotic Arm